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Here at DRS Silver  Jewellery, we hold the viewpoint that life involves self-expression. Your jewelry serves as more than an accessory; it's a means of conveying your emotions. Thus, we offer these guidelines to help maintain the beauty and significance of your beloved DRS Silver  Jewellery possessions.

View your DRS Silver  Jewellery  through the lens of it being as priceless and remarkable as you are! Envision it as the ultimate accessory you don before stepping out and the primary one you take off.


Your DRS Silver  Jewellery, akin to your gentleness, craves your tender care. Much like these elements affect your skin, they can impact your jewelry too. Perfumes, soap, potent chemicals, and high humidity are best avoided or minimized in direct contact. Your loving attention ensures both your jewelry and your skin remain radiant.

Much like our personal remedies for a healthy glow, your DRS Silver  Jewellery appreciates DIY care too! A cloth dampened in lukewarm water with mild soap, gently rubbed on your jewelry, followed by rinsing and patting dry with a soft cloth, is all it takes to maintain their radiance. Your jewelry loves this simple yet effective treatment.

Let's admit it – we all need a little rejuvenation occasionally. Your  DRS Silver  Jewellery shares the sentiment! While its radiance endures,  if you ever need to get it repolished, contact us or our authorised retailer. Because some things are best left to professionals.


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